Sentences in Appropriate Tenses

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Sentences in Appropriate Tenses :

1. I think he is honest.

2. The stars shine at night.

3. We go to Ooty every summer.

4. He is having breakfast at the moment.

5. I have Rs 500. Shall I lend you the money?

6. Jam is consisting of fruit and sugar.

7. Are you thinking the news is true?

8. They are living in a rented house at the moment.

9. The moon goes round the earth.

10. I do not understand this word.

11. Look outside. It is raining again. 12. I want to go now.

13. Do you go for a walk every day?

14. I like coffee.

15. It is not raining now.

16. It rains a lot here in July.

17. He eats in the canteen most days.

18. My mother always helps me with my homework.

19. Anil is never satisfied. He always complains.

20. I always sleep eight hours every night.

21. I sleep on a sofa these days because my bed is broken.

22. They are playing cricket now. They play cricket every Saturday.

23. Normally Anand sits at the back. But today he is sitting at the front.

24. Why do you shout?

25. Do you think I am a deaf?

26. Do not shout. I yawn.

Sentences in Appropriate Tenses

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