Sentences in correct tense forms

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Sentences in correct tense forms :

1. The sun shines during the day.

2. When did you lose your pen?

3. I know all about the film, because I have seen it twice.

4. I bought this blanket in Kashmir.

5. The meeting began at 5.30.

6. I just met your uncle.

7. How long have you been staying here?

8. The shop opens at 10 o'clock every morning.

9. I am writing an important letter. Don’t disturb me.

10. Did you go to the party yesterday?

11. Since 1980 women’s fashions are changing a lot.

12. When I came in, the cat was sleeping in my chair.

13. My father was fifty years old last Sunday.

14. While I was running for the bus I lost a shoe.

15. She has been studying French for the last three years.

16. It started to rain while we were playing cricket.

17. The blue sari suits her.

18. Here are your shoes. I have just cleaned them.

19. How often do you go to the temple?

20. I will speak to him if he comes.

21. He jumped off the train while it was moving.

22. I suppose we have met before.

23. He won’t come unless you called him.

24. When the police arrived, the thief had already escaped.

25. Ahmed has been working here since 1984.

26. I met him last Sunday.

27. Leave me alone. I am working.

28. If I have the time I will see the Exhibition.

29. Have you ever seen the Taj Mahal?

30. I have been trying to finish the exercise for the last one hour.

31. When I had my dinner I went to bed.

32. Your father would be surprised if you did such a thing.

33. If I had seen it I would have told you about it.

34. When I reached home, I found I lost my key.

35. I would accept their offer if I were in your place.

36. You would have got into trouble if you hadn't taken my advice.

37. If we don’t start now, we would miss the last train.

38. He hadn’t been there long when the bell rang.

39. If he had studied hard, he would have got a first class.

40. I wish I were in Ooty now.

41. It is time I have passed my driving test.

42. She wishes she finished the work yesterday.

Sentences in correct tense forms

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