Sentences in Future Tenses

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Sentences in Future Tenses :

1. Perhaps it will rain tonight.

2. What have you decided? I am going to resign the job.

3. The Principal is very busy at the moment.

4. OK. I will wait.

5. Do you go to the beach this evening?

6. What time is your flight arriving?

7. Look! Gopi is going to fall of This bike.

8. Look at the timetable and tell me when the Rajadhani Express arrives.

9. Hurry up! You will miss the train.

10. Have you got a laptop? No. I am going to buy one next week.

11. Would you like something to drink?

12. Yes. I will have a Limca.

13. Mr. Johnson will have given another lecture at the same time next week.

14. By next Sunday we will have stayed here for two months.

15. At this time next Sunday we will be playing cricket.

16. The train will have left by the time you reach the station. You can’t catch it.

17. Do you get up early tomorrow? If so, can you wake me up at 6.00?

Sentences in Future Tenses

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