Sentences in Present Perfect Tense

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Sentences in Present Perfect Tense :

1. Bhaskar has lent me these CDs.

2. She has not yet come.

3. You have spelled the word wrongly.

4. Why has he given his wrong his email address?

5. They have never talked to her.

6. I have had that car for over 10 years.

7. I have had downloaded the form.

8. How long have you lived here?

9. Have you ever visited Mecca?

10. I have got an SMS from Vijay.

11. Kamala has washed the dishes.

12. They have sold their old house.

13. She has told the truth.

14. Have you read the newspaper?

15. Has the train arrived yet?

16. You have dialed the wrong number.

17. Have you ever seen Qutab Minar?

18. I have just sent an SMS to a friend.

19. I have already had breakfast.

20. I haven’t read the newspaper yet.

21. I am late because I have gone to the dentist’s.

22. The door is locked. I think they have been to the park.

23. She has gone out and will be back in a few minutes. Can you wait?

24. We have been to the Book Fair. There were lots of useful books.

25. Mr. and Mrs. Sen have gone to America. They will stay there for a month.

26. Have you ever been to Japan?

27. Yes. I have been there twice.

Sentences in Present Perfect Tense

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