Sentences of All Kinds

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Sentences of All Kinds :

1. Gopi fell while he was running.

2. When he has a problem to solve, he works at it until he finds an answer.

3. A child should start learning a language at primary school.

4. Looking hard at the prisoner, the judge sentenced him to six years’ hard labour.

5. The house you see over there is my uncle's house.

6. The wind blew and the leaves fell.

7. The boys had eaten some of the cakes before the party began.

8. I would like to visit you in your new house when you have settled in.

9. As soon as I arrived in Kolkata, 1 telephoned my home in Chennai where my parents were waiting anxiously for news.

10. Count the finite verbs and you will then find out how many clauses there are.

11. Look where you are going!

12. Parents should tell their children to exercise great care when crossing busy roads.

Sentences of All Kinds

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