Sentences to be Punctuated

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Sentences to be Punctuated :

Punctuate the following sentences / passages using capitals where necessary.

1. at the supremarkct i bought bread butter sugar chocolate and biscuits

2. suresh where have you been

3. rekha said i hate seeing films

4. we always take a lot of food bread egg tomatoes potato chips pickles and fruit

5. when i saw the bear coming towards me i raised the gun to my shoulder and took aim

6. what a lovely garden she exclaimed

7. hes going to the club isnt he

8. jawaharlal nehru the first prime minister of India died in 1964

9. we have to buy these things a table three chairs and two stools

10. one day however the cow wandered far into the forest and she did not return

11. yes sir he said ill meet you again

12. stop there she shouted

13. he closed his eyes and jumped then he felt the waters close over him

14. the library contains books on various subjects history politics law literature and medicine

15. would you get me a ticket please she said

16. im going to the cinema he said will you come with me

17. are vou not airaid ot me said the donkey in the lions skin i was afraid when i saw you said the fox but as soon as i heard your voice i knew you were only a donkey

18. if i sec anyone shall i fire joyce asked politely i told you so cried the captain thank you sir joyce said and then fired

19. one morning mr thomas was still sitting comfortably at the breakfast table and reading his newspaper he did not seem to be in a hurry to go to the office and asked his wife for another cup of tea another cup she asked but arent you going to the office today have you got a holiday the office he said and looked up from his newspaper surprised i thought that i was at the office

20. why dont you two settle the case out of court said the judge to the litigants before him sure thats what we were doing my lord said one of them when the police came and interfered

21. the policeman ordered the motorist to pull up to the curb and produce his drivers license i dont understand this officer the motorist protested i havent done anything wrong no you havent the officer replied but you were driving so carefully i thought you might not have your drivers license

22. would you lend me five hundred rupees gopal said kapil ill pay you back as soon as i return from mumbai gopal gave his friend the money five months passed and kapil didn’t repay the money gopal met him and said have you forgotten the rs 500 i lent you you promised to pay me back as soon as you returned from mumbai didnt you i did replied kapil but i havenot been to mumbai yet

Sentences to be Punctuated

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