Sentences using CAN or COULD

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Sentences using CAN or COULD :

Rewrite the following sentences using can, could, may or might.

1. He is able to run very fast.

2. He was able to run very fast when he was young.

3. You are permitted to go out to play.

4. It is possible that the key is in the drawer.

5. I don’t think I will be able to meet him today.

6. I thought he would probably arrive this morning.

7. It is not possible that this is true.

8. Will you allow me to use your laptop?

9. I wasn’t able to finish the work yesterday.

10. Perhaps he is at the theatre now.

11. Possibly she has got home by now.

12. Where is it possible that he has put my spectacles?

13. It is possible that I will come round this afternoon.

Sentences using CAN or COULD

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