Sentences with correct tense forms

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Sentences with correct tense forms :

1. We are too late. The train will leave before we reach the station.

2. I would have mended the fuse if I had had enough wire.

3. They had been living in Mumbai for six years when I first met them.

4. I have been witnessing the tennis match. That is why I am late.

5. The examination might be cancelled if the candidates had talked.

6. We could buy a new car if only we had a little more money.

7. I wish I had applied for the job.

8. If he had known in time, he would have changed his plans.

One day an absent-minded professor traveled on a train. When the conductor asked him to show the ticket, he was unable to find it. The conductor recognised the professor and said, “Please don’t worry. I am sure you bought the ticket. You needn’t show it to me.” “You are kind to me,” replied the professor. “But I must find the ticket. If I do not find it, I do not know where to get off.”

When an American traveled through Africa, he fell ill in a country where doctors had to have a red candle burning in their clinic for every patient who dies while under their treatment. The American sent a servant to fetch a doctor. “Get me doctor who has the least number of red candles burning,” he asked. The servant came back with a doctor who has only one red candle burning in his clinic. The American told the doctor his problem. While the doctor examined him, he enquired how long he practised medicine. “I began only yesterday,” replied the doctor.

Sentences with correct tense forms

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