Sentences with ENOUGH

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Sentences with ENOUGH :

Atul is very poor. He can't buy a bicycle.
Atul is not rich enough to buy a bicycle.

Tom is very short. He can’t reach that picture.
Tom is too short to reach that picture.

Gopal is quite tall. He can reach that picture.
Gopal is tall enough to reach that picture.

Suresh is quite well now. He can go out.
Suresh is well enough to go out.

They were very tired. They couldn't go any farther.
They are too tired to go any farther.

This sum is very difficult. I can’t do it.
The sum is too difficult for me to do it.

That man is quite stupid. He believes me.
That man stupid enough to believe me.

She was very angry. She couldn’t speak.
She was too angry to speak.

He is very proud. He won’t listen to me.
He is too proud too listen to me.

This book is small. It will go into my pocket easily.
This book is small enough to go into my pocket.

It was very dark. We couldn’t see.
It was too dark for me to see.

He was lucky. He escaped injury.
He was too lucky to escape from injury.

The book is very useful. You should buy it.
The book is too useful for me to buy it.

You are still young. You can play cricket.
You are young enough to play cricket.

This hill is very high. We can’t climb it.
This hill is too high for us to climb it.

This grammar is very easy. We can understand it.
This grammar is too easy for us to understand it.

I’m very busy. I can’t attend the party.
I am too busy to attend the party.

You are quite old. You ought to know better.
You are old enough to know better.

Sentences with ENOUGH

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