Sentences with ING Forms of the verbs

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Sentences with ING Forms of the verbs :

1. I saw him going out.
2. I saw him opening the door.
3. I saw him entering the room.
4. I saw him talking to the girl.
5. We found him entering the room.
6. We found him talking to the girl.
7. We observed him entering the room.
8. I noticed him entering the room.
9. We watched him opening the door.
10. Seeing the dog, the boy ran away.

They saw the head-mater. They kept quiet.
Seeing the head-master, they kept quiet.

He switched off the light. He went out to sleep.
Switching off the light, he went to sleep.

He got home. He found the door locked.
Finding the door of the office locked, he got home.

I heard the noise. 1 trembled with fear.
Hearing the noise, I trembled with fear.

We crossed the river. We reached the village.
Crossing the river, we reached the village.

She finished her work. She went home.
Finishing her work, she went home.

He took the bag. He went to the office.
Taking the bag, he went to the office.

The boy fell down from the bicycle. He hurt his leg.
Felling down from the bicycle, he hurt his legs.

The hunter took out his gun. He went out to shoot the tiger.
Taking out his gun, the hunter went out to shoot the tiger.

He thought it over. He returned home.
Thinking over it, he returned home.

Sentences with ING Forms of the verbs

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