Sentences with Past Participle

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Sentences with Past Participle :

1. I must have my tooth pulled out.

2. We must ask someone to dig our garden.

3. I asked someone to paint the door last week.

4. Why don’t you get the barber to cut your hair?

5. I must ask my secretary to write that letter at once.

6. I must ask somebody to mend my shoes.

7. I must get him to check these reports carefully.

8. Let us order someone to whitewash our house.

9. Bitten by a scorpion, he is crying.

10. The girl was left alone. She was crying.

11. He was weakened by his illness. He was unable to go to work.

12. He was shot in the leg. He fell down.

13. I was moved by the old man’s suffering. 1 took him to hospital.

14. She was attracted by the new design of the saris. She bought three.

15. The enemy was beaten at every point. They fled.

16. She was shocked by the news. She fainted.

Sentences with Past Participle

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