Sentences with Phrasal Verbs

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Sentences with Phrasal Verbs :

1. They have put off the match until next week.

2. A bomb went off but nobody was hurt.

3. The price of gold has gone up recently.

4. Please look through the agreement before you sign it.

5. A new company has been set up.

6. The two companies have always put up with close relations.

7. There was an accident which held up all the traffic going into town.

8. He promised to make up for the lost time by working in his holidays.

9. I must look up Mr. Ramesh Mohan when I go to Patna next week.

10. I am not going to keep up this nuisance.

11. Could you look after the children while I am away?

12. I do not think I will get through all this work this afternoon.

13. We went to the airport to see him off.

14. He hasn’t got over the attack of malaria yet.

15. I can t make out what this SMS means.

16. When I was in Kolkata I called on Mr. Bannerjee.

17. The plane took off ten minutes late.

18. As he was cleaning the gun it went off and killed him.

19. He made up a story which nobody believed.

20. Without careful nursing the patient can’t pull up.

21. He stood with me in my hour of need.

22. What does UNO stand for?

23. Let me put your address up in my book.

24. A committee has been set up to examine the question.

25. I have no time now. But I'll go through the matter tomorrow.

26. He took to drinking a lot.

27. He was offered a nice job. But he turned it down.

28. The doctor told me to take up a sport so that I would get more exercise.

29. The firemen put out the fire.

30. We can put you up in a spare bedroom.

Sentences with Phrasal Verbs

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