Sentences with Relative Pronouns and Relative Clauses

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Sentences with Relative Pronouns and Relative Clauses :

Sentences with Relative Pronouns and Relative Clauses :

1. I have met a man who knows your uncle.

2. This is the man who saved me from drowning.

3. Would you please show the road which leads to the station?

4. What is the name of the girl who danced last night?

5. This is the boy whom met him in the park.

6. He, who had lost a pen, found it.

7. That is the hotel where they are staying.

8. Here’s the map which you were looking for it.

9. I know the girl whom you spoke to her this morning.

10. I asked for a book which you haven’t brought it.

11. It told you about the film which is on at the Palace.

12. He is about to take the medicine which is very bitter.

13. We saw a soldier who had lost a leg.

14. The girl, about whom you are talking, has already married.

15. Did you post the letters which were on my desk?

16. This is the book which we use at school.

17. The man, with whom I was traveling, could speak French.

18. This is the boy whose father died in the accident.

19. Where is the packet which I left here this morning?

20. The oranges, which I bought yesterday, are bad.

21. The book, which is lying on the table, is mine.

22. The man who was following me suddenly disappeared.

23. I don’t like people who lose their tempers easily.

24. That is the book which I was looking for.

25. My uncle, who is a doctor, is in America now.

26. I have lost the pencil which I bought this morning.

27. He is a man whom people like at first sight.

28. This is the place where I was robbed.

29. The East-Coast Express, which is to arrive at 3.15, is 40 minutes late.

30. I gave her what she needed.

31. I gave her the money which she needed.

32. The boy, whose father I was speaking about, is a good player.

33. My brother Venu, whom you met last night, will leave tomorrow.

34. I’ll never forget the day when we arrived here.

35. My dog, whose temper is very uncertain, often bites strangers.

36. We arrived at the hotel which we found very comfortable.

37. This is the best film which I have ever seen.

38. Is that the man whose bike has been stolen?

39. Where is the girl whom you were talking to?

40. Don’t listen to him about whom he says.

Sentences with Relative Pronouns and Relative Clauses

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