Sentences with Simple Past Tense

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Sentences with Simple Past Tense :

Two absent-minded people were standing on a railway platform and chatting with each other. The train arrived. But they did not notice it and they continued to chat. They suddenly found the train moving and ran along. One of them managed to get on the train. The other person waved him goodbye. After a moment the person who remained on the platform looked at his suitcase and realised what had happened. “Oh, what a mistake!” he exclaimed. “He came to the station to see me off. But he boarded the train and I saw him off!”

1. They opened the shop.
2. She sent an email.
3. He passed the exam.
4. They cancelled the meeting.
5. The boy knew the answer.
6. The police caught the thief.
7. They flew to America.
8. He emailed the form.
9. They lost their way.
10. The CD broke.

Sentences with Simple Past Tense

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