Sentences with Subject-Verb Agreement

Sentences with Subject-Verb Agreement :

1. Either the doctor in this hospital or a relative of the patient is going to have to make a decision.

2. Some of the notes seem to have been forged.

3. The floods that affect this country every monsoon are more just a nuisance.

4. Everyone selected to serve on this jury has to be willing to give up a lot of time.

5. He seems to forget that there are things to be packed before he leaves for the vacation.

6. There have to be some people left in this world who do not own a mobile phone.

7. Some of the grain appear to be contaminated.

8. Three-quarters of the students are against the tuition hike.

9. Three-quarters of the student body is against the tuition hike

10. A high percentage of the students are appearing for the common entrance tests.

11. The players, as well as the coach, were given refreshment.

12. Is everybody reading the same chapters in the book?

13. Which student has read George Eliot’s The Mill on the Floss before?

14. Deeksha, together with her teammates, presents a formidable opponent on the basketball court.

15. Either Leena or Lily usually does all the household chores.

16. The plane, along with its crew and passengers, has crash-landed.

17. Twenty kilometers is a long distance.

18. Debbie, along with two of her friends, has decided to run in the marathon.

19. Mumps is a terrible disease.

20. Grandma’s spectacles are hand-made in Japan.

Sentences with Subject-Verb Agreement

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