Sentences with Suitable Idioms

Sentences with Suitable Idioms :

a. It rained for the whole week and we were stuck in our cabin the whole time. I was really black and blue!

b. I have always been considered the black sheep and my mother thinks I can’t do wrong!

c. The Shettys decided they would paint the town red after winning a lot of money by gambling on the horses.

d. Tina was green with envy when she heard that Meena was going on a holiday to London for a week while she had to stay and work.

e. My oldest brother was the blue-eyed boy in our family. He dropped out of school at twelve.

f. You can tell by her flower garden that Fiona has really got green fingers.

g. How can you argue about your salary now? It’s there on your contract in black and white.

h. I played rugby for the first time in ages yesterday. That’s why I’m browned off all over now.

i. They were caught him red-handed as he tried to steal some chocolate bars from the shop.

j. His suggestion that we should move to Mumbai came completely out of the blue. No one expected it at all.

Sentences with Suitable Idioms

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