Sentences with suitable Prepositions

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Sentences with suitable Prepositions :

1. I was born in Mumbai.

2. Our plane stopped in Mumbai for half an hour.

3. I met Mr. Aggarwal at Netaji Road.

4. He lives at 32, Motilal Street.

5. I saw him in the afternoon.

6. I saw him in the afternoon of 14th.

7. Meet me at 4p.m on 21st.

8. Gita is in the cinema seeing a film.

9. The party will be on Sunday at 4 o’clock in the evening.

10. We usually go there by car.

11. We went there in Mr. Gupta's car.

12. Do you go to school by bicycle or foot?

13. Vijay goes to school by bicycle.

14. My uncle arrived in the morning.

15. He arrived on Sunday morning.

16. She was standing at the end of the street.

17. I’ll be with you in a minute.

18. You must finish the work by four o’clock.

19. He hardly works in the night.

20. We work during the day and sleep in night.

21. I have known him for a long time.

22. We have been playing since four o’clock.

23. I haven’t seen him since the last fortnight.

24. We have lived here for nine years.

25. I haven’t been playing cricket since last year.

26. We’ve been waiting for more than an hour.

27. I haven’t been to Madras since 1985.

28. She has been ill for five days.

29. He hasn’t written to me since his marriage.

30. It has been raining since last night.

Sentences with suitable Prepositions

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