Sentences with Suitable Prepositions

Sentences with Suitable Prepositions :

Study the following sentences.

1. For all that = in spite of the fact that
2. For your help = if you had not helped
3. Beyond = later than (or) past
4. Against the minister's coming = for receiving the minister
5. Through = as a result of (or) because of

Example Sentences :

1. The doctor has given him some medicine for his cold.

2. We could hardly see for the thick mist.

3. We invited our guests for 8 O'clock.

4. I haven't seen him for years.

5. I have no ear for music.

6. For all his efforts, he didn't succeed.

7. He is a mean-minded fellow. But his wife loves him for all that.

8. For all that she has a good sense of balance, she can't dance well.

9. If it had not been for your help, I would never have finished the work.

10. She will do it for all he may say.

11. It is cool for summer.

12. The soldier was left for dead on the field.

13. The rescuing ship made its way straight for the sinking ship.

14. She married him for money.

15. A woman is a woman for all that.

16. I can’t tell you anything beyond what you know already.

17. Don't stay there beyond midnight.

18. This work is beyond the capacity of these people.

19. The boy was named after his uncle.

20. After this, I wash my hands of you.

21. The Commissioner made grand preparation against the minister's coming.

22. The war was fought and lost through bad preparation.

23. It was all through his wife that he became bankrupt.

24. I shall do my duty by her.

25. Nothing will come of nothing.

26. Nothing is given for nothing.

27. Oh my wife! With all thy faults, I love thee still.

28. I tried to reason him out of his fears.

Sentences with Suitable Prepositions

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