Sentences with The Correct Possessive

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Sentences with The Correct Possessive :

1. This is my pencil, not yours.

2. She comes to my house and I go to hers.

3. Our, favourite game is tennis and theirs is cricket.

4. Their house is bigger than ours.

5. She has two houses in this street and the house over there is also hers.

6. He has lost his pen. I have lent him mine.

7. Take my book and give me yours.

8. Theirs is pretty but ours is prettier.

9. I believe this pen is hers. It isn’t mine.

10. Is this notebook yours or his?

11. Theirs house and ours are both on the same block.

12. Is this your purse or hers?

Sentences with The Correct Possessive

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