Sentences with To-Infinitive

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Sentences with To-Infinitive :

1. I want to read the book.

2. He asked us to wait for a few minutes.

3. Let her do it.

4. They allowed her to go home.

5. The boy began to cry.

6. We expected you to be on time.

7. I advised him to go to the doctor.

8. I didn't see you to come in.

9. We were glad to see him yesterday.

10. Need you to meet him?

11. He dare not disobey me.

12. I felt the earth to move.

13. They made him to do the whole work.

14. He was made to do the whole work.

15. They forced him to do the whole work.

16. This poem is difficult to understand.

17. I must go now.

18. You ought to be more careful.

19. He used to smoke during camps.

20. Gopal was seen to enter the room.

21. He's gone to the bank to cash a cheque.

22. Just watch me to jump over that wall.

23. What made her to change her mind?

24. She used to let me use her car.

25. He went out to ask them be quiet.

26. He asked me to work harder.

27. He wanted me to enter for the competition.

28. He advised me to apply for the post.

29. He encouraged me to go into business.

30. He is willing to go to his hometown.

31. He is anxious to visit his uncle.

32. He is eager to visit his uncle.

33. He is ready to cooperate with us.

34. I saw him enter the hall.

35. We saw him cross the street.

36. We noticed him steal the pen.

37. I saw him turn the key.

Sentences with To-Infinitive

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