Sentences with Words of Quantity

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Sentences with Words of Quantity :

1. There isn’t much milk left.

2. It isn’t good to eat many sweets.

3. How much sugar do you want?

4. She spends a lot of money on clothes.

5. I have found a few mistakes in your composition.

6. Mix a little honey with that medicine.

7. We are going away for a few days.

8. Will you have a little cake?

9. You take much time to dress.

10. He hasn’t got much work to do.

11. Will you have a few grapes?

12. There wasn’t much dirt in the room.

13. There weren't many women at the meeting.

14. We have walked a few miles today.

15. We found the house without much difficulty.

16. This job won’t take much time.

17. I have a few relatives here.

18. Do you need a little help?

19. There aren't lots of buses on this route.

20. There is much traffic on the roads this morning.

21. Please give me much water.

22. There isn’t water at all in this bottle.

23. Betty took a few books home with her.

24. Lucy didn’t take many books with her.

25. I would like to but a lot of flowers.

26. We haven’t flowers in the garden now.

27. Do you want a few apples? Here are many nice ones.

28. No. I don’t want any apples. But I want a few bananas.

29. There is much coffee in the kitchen. But there isn’t much milk to put in it.

30. Will you please have much bread?

31. There aren’t many extra chairs in this room.

32. Are there many in the next room?

33. Did he give you much money? I suppose he did.

34. I wanted to buy a few lemons. But there weren't many in the market.

35. Have you received a few letters from them?

36. Yes. I’ve received three letters. But I haven’t answered many of them.

37. I wanted some eggs. But I found none at the shops.

38. Every member of the committee was present.

39. Are both of them your daughters?

40. She cut the bread into two pieces and gave one to each child.

41. Please take one of these saris back. I don’t need either of them.

42. He has lived in Chennai, Mysore and Bengaluru.

43. But he doesn’t like either city much.

44. Each of the pupils has to be there.

45. You can have the blue one or the green one. But you can’t have both.

46. Would you like tea, coffee or milk?

47. Neither of them. Please give me some water.

48. She gave the boys each a chocolate.

49. His both sons are studying medicine.

50. All the girls have gone for a picnic.

51. The first four pages of the book are tom.

52. You can take either road. They both lead to the stadium.

53. The last two boys are rather dull.

Sentences with Words of Quantity

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