Sentences :

Sentences : The words are formed in an order and gives a complete sense /meaning frame a sentence.

Every sentence begins with a Capital letter.Full stop or Exclamatory mark or a Question mark will be placed at the end of the sentence.

This sentence is of four types. They are….

1. Assertive Sentence

2. Interrogative Sentence

3. Imperative Sentence

4. Exclamatory Sentence

Assertive Sentence : A sentence that states or declares something is called as ASSERTIVE or DECLARATIVE Sentence.

For Example:

The sun rises in the east. (Affirmative)

The earth is not flat. (Negative)

Interrogative Sentence : A sentence that asks a question is called an INTERROGATIVE Sentence.

For Example :

What is the matter?

What is your name?

Where are you now?

Imperative Sentence : A sentence that expresses a command, request, an entreaty or a desire is called an Imperative Sentence.

For Example :

Shut the door. (Command)

Lend me your pen, Please.(Request)

Help me, o God. (Entreaty)

God Save the Queen. (Wish)

Exclamatory Sentence : A sentence that expresses some strong or sudden feeling is called an Exclamatory Sentence.

For Example :

How hot it is!

What a clever boy you are!


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