Simple Past Tense

Simple Past Tense :

Simple Past Tense is used to indicate an action completed in the past. Often this tense is used with adverbs or adverb phrases of past time.

1. My wife came yesterday.
2. I received the message a week ago.
3. My daughter left school last year.
4. He walked into the bar and ordered a vodka and tonic.
5. I lived in a village until I was fourteen.
6. When I was a child, we always went to the seaside in summer.

The simple past tense is the one most often used to talk about the past. It can refer to short, quickly finished actions and events, to longer actions and situations and to repeated happenings.

In certain cases, the simple past tense can be used to refer to the present or future.

A past tense does not always have a past meaning.

Expressions like (I had….or you went….) can be used in some kinds of sentence to talk about the present or future.

1. If I had the money now, I would buy a Maruthi.

2. If you went at about six O'clock tomorrow, you could see her, before she left the office.

3. Suppose we spent next week end in Ooty?

4. If only I had more time! (I do not have…)

5. You look as if you were just about to weep.

After….IT IS TIME, WOULD RATHER & WISH, Simple past tense is used.

1. Five O’clock, It is time I went home.
2. It is time you went to bed.
3. It is time she washed that dress.
4. We wish you became a doctor.
5. He would rather she came to the function in time.

Note : In the structure, (It is time + subject + past tense.) the meaning is present or future, not past.

1. Don't come and disturb me today.
2. I would rather you came tomorrow.
3. I would rather you went home now.
4. My wife would rather we didn't see each other any more.
5. Shall I open a window? I would rather you didn't.

Note : WOULD RATHER can be used with different subjects before and after it to say that one person would prefer another to do something. In this case, we generally use a past tense with a present or a future meaning.

1. I wish I had a better memory.
2. I wish (that) I was beautiful.
3. I wish I got more letters.
4. I wish you didn't work so hard.

Note : WISH is used in quite a different way to say that we would like things to be different from what they are.

The 'past' modal forms 'could', 'might', 'would' and 'should' generally have present or future reference.

1. Could you help me for a moment?
2. I think it might rain soon.
3. Would you come this way, please?
4. Alan should be here soon.

The simple past is also used for past habits.

1. I studied many hours every day.
2. She always carried an umbrella.

Simple Past Tense

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