Simple Past Tense

Simple Past Tense :

Simple Past Tense is used to express an action that occurred in past.

This Tense is used to express the following types of past-actions.

An action which occurred just a little while ago…

1. He won the Gold medal.
2. They wrote the exam last Sunday.
3. We bought this house few years back.
4. My computer worked better.
5. It killed its mother.
6. She took her mother to the nearby hospital.
7. The contest was the highlight of last week.
8. He ate an apple.
9. He met his friend in the market.
10. She got her school-certificates from her teacher.
11. We had our breakfast.
12. You paid your fees.

An action which occurred on regular basis in the past…

1. He studied in this school.
2. They worked in a factory in Chennai.
3. He paid more taxes last few years.
4. Our ancestors believed in superstitions.
5. We were in Chennai.
6. He visited his parents every Sunday.
7. My sister brought the lunch for her children last few years.
8. They took the postal-bags along with them.

Structure of the sentences in this tense :

The second form of the verb is used only in the positive sentences whereas the negative sentences take only the first form of the verbs.

Positive Sentences :

1. They paid their fees.
2. We posted your documents.
3. He dropped his child at the school.
4. It went up the hill.
5. We killed a lion when we went hunting.
6. You had to be there by 1 pm yesterday.
7. There were only few copies of the book.
8. He moved the bills in the Parliament.
9. The Chair-Person was there in the hall.
10. He faced the consequences.

Negative Sentences :

11. They did not pay their fees.
12. We did not post your documents.
13. He did not drop his child at the school.
14. It did not go up the hill.
15. We did not kill a lion when we went hunting.
16. You did not have to be there by 1 pm yesterday.
17. They did not attend the parents-meet.
18. He did not move the bills in the Parliament.
19. The Chair-Person did not visit the place.
20. He did not face the consequences.

Interrogative Sentences :

1. Did they pay their fees?
2. Did he face the consequences?
3. Did they attend the parents-meet?
4. Did it go up in the hill?

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Simple Past Tense :

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