Simple Prepositions

Simple Prepositions :

The prepositions which have only one word without any prefix and suffix are treated as Simple Prepositions. Few Examples of these Prepositions are given below.

1. At
2. By
3. Down
4. For
5. From
6. In
7. Inside
8. Of
9. Off
10. On
11. Out
12. Till
13. To
14. Up
15. With

AT shows a point in space, place and time.

1. He works at night.
2. Have to be in Trichy at 1 pm.
3. We bought this furniture at The Modern Show Room.
4. You have smiled at me.

BY is used to show the person who performs an action or who causes an action.

1. My father was killed by the police.
2. You have to travel by a car to reach this place safe.

FOR is used show the person or place to whom or to whom it is intended.

1. We have to complete this project for our brother.
2. He bought this car for his sister.

FROM is used to indicate the place or person which or who sends or gives something.

1. He is from Trichy.
2. We collected these old-clothes from your parents.

IN is used to notify something which contains something in depth, length and height.

1. He lives in Chennai.
2. They gave me the amount in cash.

OF is used to to indicate someone or something to which something belongs.

1. You have taken a car of Raju to your office.
2. My house is made of local materials.

OFF is used to indicate something which is away.

1. He went off his family.
2. They signed him off their college.

ON is used to show the position of something or someone in relation to surface or support.

1. They placed the key on the table.
2. The discussion on this matter is going on among my friends.

OUT is used to indicate the ourward movement of something or someone.

1. He went out.
2. He is standing out in respect of our teacher.

TO is used to indicate the direction towards which something or someone is moving.

1. They are going to New York tonight.
2. We have gone to Ooty many time when we ere in Salem.

UP is used to indicate the position of something in a higher place.

1. She has gone up to the 25th floor.
2. We have to climp up the hills to bring him down.
3. My uncle lives up this same road.

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Simple Prepositions

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