Simple Present
Present Continuous

Simple Present or Present Continuous :

We use the simple present tense when we talk about an action that occurs regularly.

For example :

I go to school by bus every day.

1. The earth rotates around its own axis and revolves around the sun.
2. Films entertain people.

The present continuous tense is used to talk about an action that is happening in present.

For example :

1. I am going to school by bus now.
2. I am doing my homework now.

For example sentences :

1. My mother bakes delicious cakes. Today, she is baking a pineapple upside-down cake.

2. Mohan goes to the gym in the evenings but today he is going in the morning as it will be closed in the evening.

3. In India, people celebrate Diwali with a lot of enthusiasm. This year, people are celebrating this festival earlier than usual.

4. Doctors usually visit all the patients, but today they are not in the hospital because they going on a strike against the bad working conditions.

5. Jasmine usually dresses up very quickly. I wonder why she is taking so long today.

6. We are having our lunch early today since we have to go for the rehearsals.

7. Usually, we have our lunch at 1 o’clock.

8. Father does not work on Sundays. He goes to the temple, writes e-mails to his friends and listens to some good music. Today, he is not feeling well, so he is sleeping.

9. Why do you sniff at the dish? It smells bad?

10. Do not disturb me. Please, I am studying. I usually study in the mornings.

11. All the contestants are getting ready to participate in the competition. Usually, they practice for two hours every day and practice right now in the auditorium.

Simple Present or Present Continuous

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