Simple Present Tense

Simple Present Tense :

1. The Sun rises in the East. (General truth)
2. Children love flowers. (State of being)
3. I am a happy man. (State of being)
4. Cows give milk. (General truth)
5. I get up every day at 3 O'clock. (Habitual action)
6. Arjun rushes to the war theatre. (Narration)
7. The Earth moves round the Sun. (General truth)
8. Water boils at 100° centigrade. (State of being)

The verbs in the above sentences are in present tense. The verbs are rises, love, am, give, get, rushes, moves and boils.

We use the simple present tense to express….

(a) a generally known fact
(b) a state of being
(c) a habitual activity or occurrence
(d) a scheduled event in the future

Simple present tense is also used to tell stories and to make commentaries, for example, cricket matches.

Examples :

(1) I do swimming three times a week.
(2) My parents live near Chennai.
(3) Water freezes at 0° centigrade.
(4) I am a lazy fellow.
(5) The train arrives at 4.15 AM.
(6) Look….here comes your wife.
(7) There goes our bus.
(8) I hear you are getting married.
(9) I gather that Pitt is looking for a job.
(10) We go to Mumbai tomorrow.
(11) When does the school reopen?
(12) A thing of beauty is a joy for ever.
(13) He is in Chennai to take care of his parents.
(14) We are in Mumbai with the sole purpose of paying the college-fees.
(15) Your father has five apples with him.
(16) His brothers go along with their wives to a cinema.
(17) The teachers teach only in their respective mother-tongue.
(18) We sleep only in the cotton-mattress.
(19) My daughter prefers Indian Foods to Italian dishes.
(20) Here come your sisters and brothers.

You make sure the gear-lever is in neutral and the hand-brake is on. Then you pull out the choke and switch on the engine. Then you push down the clutch pedal. So, one have to learn when and where to use this tense in English so that one’s speech and writing in English will excel in all situations irrespective of the style. Only practice after practice will give one the needed mastery over the uses of tenses. All you need to do is practicing writing and speaking in English regularly. Over the period of time, you could become a master of English language.

Simple Present Tense

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