Single Word for A Group of Words

Single Word for A Group of Words : 1

Sometimes it is possible to substitute a single word for a group of words as shown below.

1. One who knows many languages = LINGUIST

2. One who is unable to pay one's debts = INSOLVENT

3. One who is unable to pay one's debts = BANKRUPT

4. One who is having an evil reputation = NOTORIOUS

5. One who leaves his country to settle elsewhere = EMIGRANT

6. One who believes in fate = FATALIST

7. One who plays a game for pleasure and not professionally = AMATEUR

8. One who has grown old in or had long experience of (especially military) service or occupation = VETERAN

9. One who believes in the existence of God = THEIST

10. One who has no belief in the existence of God = ATHEIST

11. One who abstains from animal food, especially meat = VEGETARIAN

12. One who hates mankind = MISANTHROPE

13. One who hates mankind = MISANTHROPIST

14. One who loves and works for his fellowmen = PHILANTHROPIST

15. One who lends money at exorbitant rates of interest = USURER

16. One who is not being able to be elected or selected under the rules = INELIGIBLE

17. One who looks at the bright side of things = OPTIMIST

18. One who looks at the dark side of things = PESSIMIST

19. One who eats human flesh = CANNIBAL

20. One who is not being able to make a mistake = INFALLIBLE

21. One who is knowing everything = OMNISCIENT

22. One who is being all-powerful = OMNIPOTENT

23. One who is being present everywhere = OMNIPRESENT

24. One who comes as a settler into a foreign country = IMMIGRANT

25. One who is belonging to all parts of the world = COSMOPOLITAN

26. A person familiar with many different countries = COSMOPOLITAN

27. One who resides in a country of which he is not a citizen = ALIEN

28. One who is given to questioning the truth of facts and the soundness of inferences = SCEPTIC

29. One who abandons his religious faith = APOSTATE

30. One who undergoes the penalty of death for persistence in his faith = MARTYR

31. One who makes an eloquent public speech = ORATOR

32. One who defends or is zealous for his country's freedom or rights = PATRIOT

33. A person who is indifferent to pleasure or pain = STOIC

34. A person sent on a mission (usually official) = EMISSARY

35. A minister representing a Sovereign or State in a foreign country = AMBASSADOR

36. A child whose parents are dead = ORPHAN

37. A man whose wife is dead = WIDOWER

38. A woman whose husband is dead = WIDOW

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