Single Words for A Group of Words

Single Words for A Group of Words : 2

Sometimes it is possible to substitute a single word for a group of words as shown below.

1. A person who lives by himself = RECLUSE
2. A person who spends his money recklessly = SPENDTHRIFT
3. A person who spends his money recklessly = PRODIGAL
4. A person who can neither read nor write = ILLITERATE
5. A person who lives at the same time as another = CONTEMPORARY
6. Incapable of being seen = INVISIBLE
7. Incapable of being penetrated = IMPENETRABLE
8. Incapable of being read = ILLEGIBLE
9. Incapable of being heard = INAUDIBLE
10. Incapable of being conquered = INVINCIBLE
11. Incapable of being conquered = UNCONQUERABLE
12. Incapable of being wounded = INVULNERABLE
13. Incapable of being repaired = IRREPARABLE
14. Incapable of being believed = INCREDIBLE
15. Incapable of being avoided = UNAVOIDABLE
16. Incapable of being avoided = INEVITABLE
17. Capable of being easily set on fire = INFLAMMABLE
18. Incapable of being explained or accounted for = INEXPLICABLE
19. Incapable of being expressed in words = INEXPRESSIBLE
20. Not definitely or clearly expressed = INEXPLICIT
21. Incapable of being justified or excused = INEXCUSABLE
22. Incapable of being solved = INSOLUBLE
23. Incapable of being defended = INDEFENSIBLE
24. Incapable of being taken by force of arms = IMPREGNABLE
25. Incapable of being admitted or allowed = INADMISSIBLE
26. Incapable of being reached = INACCESSIBLE
27. Incapable of being tired out = INEXHAUSTIBLE
28. Incapable of being perceived by the senses = IMPERCEPTIBLE
29. Incapable of being destroyed = INDESTRUCTIBLE
30. Incapable of being altered or recalled = IRREVOCABLE
31. Incapable of being dispensed with = INDISPENSABLE
32. Incapable of being burnt = INCOMBUSTIBLE
33. Incapable of being divided = INDIVISIBLE
34. Incapable of being reconciled = IRRECONCILABLE
35. Incapable of being recovered or regained = IRRECOVERABLE
36. Hard to please = FASTIDIOUS
37. Liable to be easily broken = BRITTLE
38. A cure for all diseases = PANACEA
39. All of one mind = UNANIMOUS
40. Contrary to law = ILLEGAL
41. A substance that kills germs = GERMICIDE
42. An assembly of listeners = AUDIENCE
43. An assembly of worshippers = CONGREGATION
44. Occurring at the same time = SIMULTANEOUS
45. A substance that kills insects = INSECTICIDE
46. Science of the life of plants = BOTANY
47. Science of the life of animals = ZOOLOGY
48. Allowing the passage of rays of light = TRANSPARENT
49. Not allowing the passage of light = OPAQUE
50. Of unknown or unadmitted authorship = ANONYMOUS
51. The yearly return of a date = ANNIVERSARY

Single Words for A Group of Words :

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