Singulars and Plurals

Singulars and Plurals :

The following nouns have different meaning in the singular and the plural.

Advice :

(i) Opinion offered as to what one should do
(ii) Counsel
(iii) information

Advices :

(i) Information

Air :

(i) The mixture of gases which surround the earth

Airs :

(i) Unnatural manners or actions that are intended to make people think one is more important than one really is

(ii) Affected Manners

Good :

(i) Benefit
(ii) Well-being
(iii) Commendable thing
(iv) Something that is beneficial

Goods :

(i) merchandise
(ii) articles for sale

There is a large variety of consumer goods in the shops.

Compass :

(i) Extent, range, a range of interest

Finance is not within the compass of this department.

Compasses :

(i) An instrument for drawing circles

Respect :

(i) Regard
(ii) The feeling that one admires someone or something very much

Respects :

(i) Compliments
(ii) One’s polite formal greetings good wishes

Please send them my respects when you write

Physic :

(i) Medicine - a laxative

Physics :

(i) natural science-the science, concerned with the study of matter and natural forces

Iron :

(i) a metal - an element

Irons :

(i) Fetters
(ii) chain or chains to keep a prisoner from moving

Force :

(i) Strength - natural or physical power

Forces :

(i) troops - the army, navy and air force of a country

In wartime, most young men join the armed forces.

Singulars and Plurals

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