Speaking Activities

Speaking Activities :

FUNCTION : Story Building

Activity : Individual Activity

Building a story can be great fun. Anyone can become a story-writer. Let us build a story together.

One of your classmates can play the role of a journalist. That is, any student who can write fast could write out the sentences as and when they are spoken by the other students. Prepare four or five slips of paper with random sentences written on them. These could be sentences like….

The old man decided to adopt the stray dog.
No. I want only two oranges!
Why have you come here at this time?
That is why people say you must always be honest.

These slips of paper should be randomly distributed to four or five students in the class. Now the first student in the first row gives the first sentence of the story. The next student gives the next sentence and thus the story is built. When it is the turn of the student with the slip of paper, he/she opens the slip and reads the sentence. The student will have to incorporate that tence into the story in some way. When all the students have spoken their sentences and the last student to speak has concluded the story, the journalist reads out the story created by the students.

Activity : Group Activity

Divide the story you have created into four or five scenes and act out the scenes.

Preparation time : 30 mins

Enactment time : 15 mins

Speaking Activities

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