Specimen Passages

Specimen Passages :

Specimen Passage - 1

The great spreading mass of ships seethed with noise and activity. Windlasses whizzed as booms swing out amphibious vehicles. Chains rattled in davits as assault boats were lowered away. And through it all, over the ships' public address systems came a steady flow of messages and exhortations…."Fight to get your troops ashore. Fight to save your ship and if you've got any strength left. Fight to save yourselves. Get in there and give them hell! Don't forget the Big Red one is leading the way. Remember Dunkirk! Remember Conventry! God Bless you All. We die on the sands of you beloved France…but we do not turn back."

Specimen Passage – 2

Last Tuesday, Dr. Mohan was awakened by the telephone ringing in the middle of the night.

"Oh, Dr. Mohan," said Mrs. Sheila, 'please come quickly because my husband is very ill. I think he has appendicitis.”

"Don’t worry, Mrs. Sheila, as it can’t possibly be appendicitis,” replied the doctor. "It’s probably indigestion. Give him an indigestion tablet and I will come to see him in the morning.”

“No. Please come now,” said Mrs. Sheila, “I am sure he has appendicitis.”

"But I am sure he hasn't," said the doctor. "I removed your husband's appendix last year at the hospital. You know as well as I do that he can't have another."

"That may be true," said Mrs. Sheila, "But I can have another husband."

Specimen Passage – 3

6,000 Indians Evacuated
New Delhi, July - 1998

Nearly 6,000 people of Indian origin have been evacuated so far from Liberia which is caught up in a civil war. An External Affairs Ministry spokesman said here today that 535 Indian citizens still remained in Monrovia. (PTI)

Specimen Passages

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