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Speech Writing :

Writing a speech is very similar to argumentative writing because in a speech you are trying to convince the listener about your point of view. Only the style changes. While writing a speech, we must remember that we are speaking the lines and the audience is listening to them. They will not have the matter in front of them to refer to. Hence we have to follow some different guidelines for writing a speech as compared to writing an essay.

Follow the guidelines given below to write a speech.

The introductory line should be forceful and attention-grabbing. Preferably, ask a question or quote a line which is very familiar.

The sentences should be short.

There should be many examples given to prove your point and the examples should preferably be taken from the field of experience of the audience. That is, if the audience is a group of primary children, then it would be of no use to give examples from Shakespeare or Milton. Similarly, if the audience is a group of teenagers, the examples given should not seem too childish.

Try to ask questions - even rhetorical ones - in order to keep the audience engaged.

The tone of the speech (and here we are not talking about your voice modulation, but about the style of writing) should be clear, simple, precise and friendly.

Conclude with a strong statement or a quotation.

Your school is conducting a campaign entitled CLEAN CITY - GREEN CITY. Write a speech for the occasion stressing the importance of keeping the surroundings clean and green.

1. First, list the points that you would like to cover. Decide the order in which you would like to talk about the points.

Now, begin writing your speech.

2. You are the Sports Captain of your school. The students of your school are not taking too much interest in sports activities, hence the Principal of your school has asked you to speak to the students during the morning assembly and persuade them to participate enthusiastically in all the sports events that your school organises. Write the speech that you would make on such an occasion. Follow the same process - first list the points, decide the order of importance and then write the speech.

3. Your school visited an old-age home last week. Write a speech to be spoken during the morning assembly about your experiences there and the importance of looking after the elderly.

4. Unhealthy eating habits are creating havoc with the health of children. Write a speech on the importance of eating the right kind of food and the importance of following regular eating habits.

5. What is democracy? Write a speech for Independence Day on the importance of having a democratic system of government and the duties of the citizens of a democratic country.

Speech Writing

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