Spelling Rules for English Vocabulary

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Spelling Rules for English Vocabulary :

Choose the correctly spelt word from each pair below.

1. (a) begining (b) beginning

2. (a) changd (b) changed

3. (o) changable (b) changeable

4. (a) tryed (b) tried

5. (a) foreign (b) foriegn

6. (a) recicve (b) receive

7. (a) happily (b) happyly

8. (a) hieght (b) height

9. (a) carried (b) cairyed

10. (a) payed (b) paid

11. (a) trucly (b) truly

12. (a) entirely (b) entirly

13. (a) being (b) lying

14. (a) seeing (b) seing

15. (a) developed (b) developped

16. (a) agreeable (b) agreable

17. (a) noticeable (b) noticable

18. (a) moveable (b) movable

19. (a) quarrelling (b) quarreling

20. (a) refering (b) referring

21. (a) answered (b) answerred

22. (a) peaceful (b) peaeful

23. (a) peaceable (b) peacable

24. (a) liesure (b) leisure

25. (a) aweful (b) awful

26. (a) running (b) running

27. (a) coming (b) comming

28. (a) paralleled (b) parallelled

29. (a) seize (b) sieze

30. (a) begger (b) beggar

31. (a) humorous (b) humourous

32. (a) grammer (b) grammar

33. (a) sailar (b) sailor

34. (a) govemer (b) governor

35. (a) competent (b) competant

36. (a) assistant (b) assistent

Spelling Rules for English Vocabulary

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