Statements into Indirect Speech

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Statements into Indirect Speech :

In indirect statements, the conjunction THAT is put after the reporting verb.

It is, however, often left out. Refer to the examples given below.
All of them are statements.

Indirect statements are introduced by such verbs as say, tell, reply, answer, inform, agree. Note that TELL as a reporting verb takes a personal object (me, him, her).

Say + to + noun / pronoun in direct speech usually changes to tell + noun / pronoun in indirect speech.

He said to me
He told me

Direct Speech : Last Friday he said, “My father will come today.”
Indirect Speech : Last Friday he said his father would come that day.

Direct Speech : This afternoon he said, “My father will come today.”
Indirect Speech : This afternoon he said his father would come today.

Statements into Indirect Speech

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