Story Telling and Writing

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Story Telling and Writing :

Story telling and writing is as old as mankind. story telling requires some practice. It is an art and only a talented person can tell a story. A good story teller does not repeat the points and omit important items. Usually an aged man or women tell stories to their grand children. Due to the advent of television, this scene has become a rare thing.

In the same way, story writing is an art. It is a very popular form of literary creation. It has its own glorious history. It is as old as the universe.

For example….see the stories of Panchatantra, Kathasaritha Sagara, Vikram and the Vampire, The Arabian Nights. The people read these stories with great interest.

You have to bear in mind the following points while writing a story.

1) You must have a clear idea of the plot of the story.

2) You should follow the outline given. Do not omit any point of the outline.

3) You have to connect the points carefully.

4) You can introduce dialogue or conversation whenever possible.

5) The conclusion of a story is important.

6) You may be asked to write the heading of the story or title of the story. You can take the help of the character (main) and object or incident of the story.

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Story Telling and Writing

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