Subject for The Sentence

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Subject for The Sentence :

The part of a sentence which names the person or thing that we talk about is called the subject. The part which contains a verb and tells something about the subject is called the predicate. Study the sentences below in which the two parts are marked off. As will be noticed, the first part is the subject and the other part is the predicate.

1. Kangaroos / live in grassland areas.
2. The child / cried.
3. Lost time / is never found again.
4. Light from the stars / can take millions of years to reach the earth.
5. Robert, Rahim and Govind / go to school together.
6. The Hindu holy text, the Mahabharata, / is the longest epic in the world.
7. Adding the metals chromium and nickel / produces stainless steel.

The subject usually comes first. But sometimes it is put after the predicate.

1. Here is an announcement. (subject : an announcement)
2. Up went the rocket. (subject : the rocket)
3. Sweet arc the uses of adversity. (subject : the uses of adversity)
4. Along the road came a strange procession. (subject : a strange procession)

The subject is often left out in commands.

1. Clean the windows. (YOU is left out.)
2. Don’t park here.


To construct a sentence you must….

(a) name the person or thing you are talking about (= subject for the sentence)

(b) say something about the person or thing (= predicate for your sentence)

Subject for The Sentence

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