Subject-Verb Agreement

Subject-Verb Agreement :

1. Choose the right word from the bracket and fill in the blanks.

1. Each and every one of us……expected to contribute towards society. (is, are)
2. None of these students been able to clear the exams. (has, have)

3. More than half the water in the tank…..drained out. (has, have)

4. The best of intentions failed because of proper planning. (has, have)

5. Lots of food wasted at the marriage ceremony. (was, were)

6. On public holidays, the majority of offices….. closed. (is, are)

7. Each of these bottles…..a hundred pills. (contain, contains)

8. None of these trains…….at that station. (halt, halts)

9. Neither this dress nor that coat…… him. (belong, belongs)

2. Indicate whether the sentences are correct (C) or incorrect (IC).

1. It were I who sent you those flowers.

2. It is they who helped us in bad times.

3. The jury have pronounced their verdict.

4. More than one student has complained about the length of the test.

5. Those kinds of mobile phones is not sold in this shop.

6. This kind of attitude are not tolerated.

7. Every boy and girl are required to wear school uniform.

8. Either Sheela or Preeti are responsible for this prank.

9. Lots of teachers are attending the seminar.

3. Choose the correct option.

1. A lot (was / were) planned but little progress (has/have) been made.

2. Our society (is / are) insured for 10 crores which (is / are) a large amount.

3. Physics (is / are) important to study for taking up Nuclear Science.

4. My room was ransacked and it (appear / appears) as if someone (has/have) broken into it.

5. His timely intervention could (has / have) saved me from this terrible loss.

6. This handbag, with its golden strap, (is / are) expensive.

7. Seven days (is / are) a very small period in politics.

8. My bosses (is / are) happy with my running of the company.

9. My new driver, along with the cleaner, (has / have) stolen my car.


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Subject-Verb Agreement

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