Subordinate Clauses in Sentences

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Subordinate Clauses in Sentences :

1. I heard that she was ill.

2. God helps those who help themselves.

3. He is younger than I thought.

4. The fact is that he is a cheat.

5. Tell me where you have been.

6. This is the man whom I met yesterday.

7. Come in when I ring the bell.

8. The boy who found the wallet was rewarded.

9. If you don’t hurry, you can’t meet him.

10. I can’t understand what he says.

11. Do you know who she is?

12. The girl who has won the prize is my sister.

13. All depends on how it is done.

14. He asked why I was late.

15. He worked so hard that he made himself ill.

16. My belief is that he is innocent.

17. The snake that bit my dog was killed.

18. It is a mystery who can have stolen the watch.

19. He ran so quickly that I couldn’t catch him.

20. That was what he said.

21. We can’t provide seats for air who may come.

22. We were shocked by the news that the boy was drowned.

23. When he came in he locked the door.

24. This is the man I met at the theatre.

25. I’ll do it if you want me to.

26. A house that is too large is a burden.

27. That he will return today is certain.

28. The family who lives opposite our house is Bengalis.

29. His eye sight is so poor that he can’t read without glasses.

30. I don’t know where he was born.

31. He wishes to die where he was born.

32. This is the place where he was born.

Subordinate Clauses in Sentences

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