Subordinating Conjunctions

Subordinating Conjunctions :

One clause is said to be subordinate to another when it depends upon the other which means that it enters into its construction with the force of a Noun, Adjective or Adverb.

The Dependent clause is that to which some Subordinating Conjunctions are prefixed.

The Principal clause is that on which the subordinate or inferior clause depends.


I will read that book, if you recommend it.

Principal : I will read that book
Conjunction : if
Dependent : you recommend it

The chief subordinating conjunctions are….

(a) those introducing clauses which are used like nouns : THAT

(b) those introducing clauses which are used like adverbs….

(i) of time…..when, whenever, while, as, before, ere, after, since, until, till (ii) of place : where, wherever, whence, whither

(iii) of cause or reason : because, since, as, that

(iv) of purpose : that (= in order that), lest

(v) of result or consequence : that

(vi) of condition : if, unless, whether (in the sense of - if on the one hand)

(vii) of concession : though, although

(viii) of comparison : as, than

(ix) of extent or manner : as

Clauses introduced by THAT :

1. He told us that rain had stopped.
2. He wrote to us that he had arrived safely.
3. Tell them that he would return soon.


1. I will do it when I find time.
2. Make hay while the sun shines.
3. He called at the house as the clock struck ten.
4. Do it before you go home.
5. He returned home after he had done the work.
6. It is dull in our town since my playmates left.
7. I waited for my friend until he came.

Place :

1. She found her ring where she had left it.
2. You can sit wherever you like.
3. Go quickly whence you came.

Cause or Reason :

1. He will succeed because he has worked hard.
2. I will do this since you desire it.
3. Let us go to bed as it is now late.
4. I am glad that you like it.

Purpose :

1. Men work that they may earn a living.
2. He took medicine in order that he might recover.
3. He took medicine so that he might recover.
4. He walked with a cane lest he should stumble.

Result or Consequence :

1. He talked so much that he made himself hoarse.
2. So good a man was he that all respected him.
3. She behaved in such a manner that all disliked her.

Condition :

1. I will do this if I am allowed.

2. They threatened to beat him unless he confessed (= if he did not confess).

3. I agree to these terms provided or provided that you will sign your name.

4. He gave a sudden start as if he had been shot (= as he would have done if he had been shot.)

5. You must leave the room whether you wish it or not. (= You must leave the room under any condition whatever).

Concession :

1. He is an honest man though or although he is poor. 2. A book is a book although there's nothing in it.

Comparison of Equal Degrees : The Same Quality Compared

1. He is as clever as I (am).
2. He likes you as much as I (like you).
3. He likes you no less than me (he likes me).

Comparison of Equal Degrees : Different Qualities Compared

1. The sea is as deep as the mountains are high.
2. He is as good as he is wise (=He is very wise equally good).

Comparison of Unequal Degree : The Same Quality Compared

1. He is more (or less) clever than I (am).
2. He likes you more (or less) than I (like you).
3. He likes you more (or less) than me (he likes me).

Comparison of Unequal Degree : Different Qualities Compared

1. The sea is deeper than the mountains are high.
2. He is more wise than (he is) good.
3. He is less good than (he is) wise.

Extent or Manner :

1. Men will reap as (= to what extent or in what manner) they sow.
2. You may do as you please.
3. It all ended as we expected.


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Subordinating Conjunctions :

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