Synonyms and Antonyms of ABSOLUTE

Synonyms and Antonyms of ABSOLUTE :

ABSOLUTE - adjective

No one has absolute power over anything in this world. But, God has.

Synonyms - Arbitrary, compulsory, haughty, positive, arrogant, controlling, imperative, supreme, authoritative, despotic, imperious, tyrannical, autocratic, dictatorial, irresponsible, unconditional, commanding, domineering, overbearing, unequivocal, compulsive, exacting peremptory, unlimited

Shah of Iran was an absolute monarch but the rule of Khoumeni and other religious leaders are arbitrary, tyrannical, autocratic, dictatorial and over-bearing.

In India The President is the supreme commander of all the three wings - Army, Navy and Air Force.

A person of an independent spirit is inclined to resent the imperious manner in any one whose authority is not clearly felt and acknowledged.

Knowledged of an Indian language has been made compulsory for the Indian Civil Services.

Although he is an educated person no one takes him seriously because of his haughty nature.

The politicians generally become arrogant after assuming power.

There is imperative need to control / check the politicians from assuming unlimited powers to themselves. They should be made to share it with the people at large.

Antonyms - Accountable, contingent, lenient, mild, docile, limited, responsible, complaint, ductile, lowly, submission, conditional, gentle, neck, yielding, constitutional, humble

The Prime Minister is accountable to the Parliament for the actions of his cabinet colleagues.

A contingent of twenty teams visited Bangkok to participate in the last Asian Games.

It is good to be lenient in principles but bad to be docile in practice.

Synonyms and Antonyms of ABSOLUTE

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