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Synonyms and Antonyms of ASSOCIATE :


1. I have been associated with this organisation for the last ten years.

Synonyms - Connect, ally, band, fraternize, join, combine, unite, relate, link

1. This road connects Connaught Place with many important suburbs.

2. Germany betrayed its many allies during the Second World War.

3. It is necessary to keep admiring the band of martyrs for the sake of keeping patriotic spirit among the youth.

4. The combination of these two ideas may resolve the problem.

5. In India opposition parties unite during elections only.

Antonyms - Disconnect, separate, defy, break apart, dissociate, desert

1. The electrician disconnected the electrical supply at the mains to test the safety of wires.

2. We cannot reach the right conclusion without separating the discussion of the two issues involved.

3. The opposition political parties broke apart as they could not fit their irrespective ideologies in one frame.

Synonyms and Antonyms of ASSOCIATE

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