Synonyms and Antonyms of BORROW

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Synonyms and Antonyms of BORROW :

BORROW – verb

1. Our Government had to borrow from World Bank to meet the damages of flood.

Synonyms - Receive, appropriate, take, adapt, adopt, steal, imitate, pilfer, pirate, copy

1. You can determine your net loss on investment for the year only if you know the exact amount you received and spent during the year.

2. Delhi Administration has appropriated all the vacant land in Delhi.

3. We shall have to take the children away from their parents during such a ceremony.

4. You will have to adapt your food habits to items that increase his sales.

5. The child was so hungry that he could not help stealing some bread form the shop.

6. Some actors can imitate the politicians very well.

7. He has copied the style of his writing from the essays of Bacon.

8. In the Army also there may be traitors who would pilfer away the secret information to the enemy.

9. The law of High Seas allows every state to punish a pirate irrespective of his nationality.

Antonyms - Lend, advance, give, invent, improve, make, credit

1. Could you lend me Rs. 50 for a week?

2. I will need an advance of 50% of the contracted amount to start the project.

3. I have given a word of honour to my friend to keep the information confidential.

Synonyms and Antonyms of BORROW

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