Synonyms and Antonyms of BREED

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Synonyms and Antonyms of BREED :

BREED - verb

1. Sewage is the place where mosquitoes breed.

2. August to October is the breeding season for the aquatic-animals.

Synonyms - Produce, raise, beget, conceive, train, hatch, incubate

1. Our gardener produces many nice vegetables in our new farm.

2. The farmer sells his produce at the market.

3. Nowadays the army is raising a special fund for the assistance of the ex-soldiers.

4. Love begets love and even a spoiled child can be reformed through love.

5. Only a genius like him can conceive of such a utopian situation.

6. My cousin is being trained as a hospital nurse. Her training is near completion.

7. The hatches have to be fastened down firmly when a storm expected.

8. The old hen has hatched eight chicks.

9. Animals incubate twice in a year during the period of their heat.

Antonyms - Destroy, slay, murder, annihilate, kill

1. The grasshoppers badly destroyed his crop.

2. The villain stayed the very hoodlum who had helped him to hide the stolen treasure.

3. The wicked man has after all been arrested for a murder rape by the police.

4. Atomic warfare can annihilate the whole of mankind in no time.

5. We went to the Coffee House to kill time.

Synonyms and Antonyms of BREED

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