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Synonyms and Antonyms of CALAMITY :


1. Only natural calamities devastate this country.

Synonyms - Distress, misfortune, trouble, misery, catastrophe, affliction, disaster

1. The minister was moved to see the misery of the distressed child labour employed in the weaving industry.

2. The loss of her job was a big misfortune.

3. Sometimes the members of opposition party create lot of trouble in the Parliament and obstruct the proceedings of the House.

4. The land reforms may have benefited the poor but not proved to be a catastrophe for the rich land-owners.

5. Our country is afflicted with twin disaster of food shortages and an exploding population.

Antonyms - Prosperity, fortune, peace, joy, tranquility, happiness

1. Recent agricultural research has made the farmers quite prosperous.

2. Land reforms have also brought fortune for the small farmer.

3. Peace is essential for the economic development of Punjab.

4. It gives me immense joy to inaugurate this library of the village.

Synonyms and Antonyms of CALAMITY

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