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Synonyms and Antonyms of CALCULATE :


1. Before you withdraw amount from your account, please calculate how much you need.

Synonyms - Reckon, count, assess, estimate, number, computer

1. Corruption is a problem the government must reckon with more seriously.

2. Some children are intelligent and learn to count very fast.

3. The achievements of scientific research cannot be assessed in monetary terms.

4. The engraver could not estimate the cost of enlarging the emblem without first calculating the price of the metal to be used.

5. The number of vehicles passing through the Janpath crossing is not less than 5000 a day.

6. Although the rules have been amended, his pension has been computed at old rates.

Antonyms - Imagine, conjecture, surmise, suppose

1. Imagine the beauty of nature in this season on a hill station.

2. Do not conjecture the price of this present. It is invaluable.

3. My calculation of the cost of this project is based on mere surmise.

4. It is no use supposing negative things without rhyme or reason.

Synonyms and Antonyms of CALCULATE

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