Synonyms and Antonyms of CATCHING

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Synonyms and Antonyms of CATCHING :

CATCHING – adjective

1. Your catching talk will not result in votes.

Synonyms - Charming, attractive, appealing, enchanting captivating. winning, fascinating

1. Her charming face, shining like moon stultified every body present on the occasion.

2. The reformer was preaching sermons in an attractive and appealing manner. The people listened to him in pin-drop silence.

3. The enchanting personality of the teacher made the student attentive in the classroom.

4. His resistance entirely gave way to her captivating figure and moonlit eyes.

5. Her strong appeal for help won his heart. He sacrificed himself to save her.

6. He found himself caught up by the fascinating and sensuous movements of her body.

Antonyms - Unpleasant, ugly, unattractive, revolting, loathsome, repellant, odious, disagreeable

1. The weather has become unpleasant with the onset of high temperature.

2. Rhinoceros is an ugly creature to look at.

3. She is very intelligent but her outward fascicle is rather unattractive.

Synonyms and Antonyms of CATCHING

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