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Synonyms and Antonyms of CEASE :

CEASE – verb

1. After your sister got married, she ceased to be a naughty girl.

Synonyms - End, discontinue, stop, halt, pause

1. The proceedings of the Committee came to an abrupt end.

2. After the death of his father he had to discontinue his studies.

3. As the bus stopped far from its stand, the passengers had to run fast to catch it.

4. Some miscreants pulled the chain and the train came to a halt suddenly.

5. As the duke paused on his way downstairs, he was at rase and looked like an eagle standing at the edge of a cliff.

Antonyms - Start, continue, begin, carry on, pursue

1. Now don’t start crying over the spilt milk.

2. Let us continue our best efforts to achieve the goal leaving the result to god.

3. Ramesh began his studies with renewed vigour after his initial failure in the examination.

4. Let’s carry on the work, come what may.

5. Pritam Singh has pursued the new profession with greater zeal.

Synonyms and Antonyms of CEASE

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