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Synonyms and Antonyms of CELIBACY :


1. Maintaining celibacy till the age of thirty is an achievement.

Synonyms - Single, singleness, bachelorhood, virginity, blessed, maidenhood, chastity

1. There was not a single evidence which could prove that he was guilty.

2. He had decided to get married because now he feels that his singleness is too boring.

3. Hinduism lays great emphasis on bachelorhood of man and virginity of woman. 4. A yogi believes that he will live in a perpetual state of blessedness after his communion with God.

5. India has lodged a strong protest against the chastity tests of Indian women carried out by the British Government at Heathrow Airport before allowing them entry into Britain.

Antonyms - Engagement, wedlock, married state, matrimony, union, nuptial tie

1. The engagement of Ramesh with Radha is now almost certain.

2. In due course the two will enter into wedlock.

3. They will be called as being in a married state.

4. Their matrimony is attributed to a chance meeting in a tea party at a common relation’s place.

5. Their union is likely to be very happy as their temperaments match very well.

Synonyms and Antonyms of CELIBACY

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