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Synonyms and Antonyms of CERTAIN :

CERTAIN – adjective

1. Going by the rule-book will not make it certain that you will win the match.

Synonyms - Positive, definite, indisputable, sure, actual, unequivocal, incontestable

1. His blood report indicates positive sign of Malaria.

2. Although he has undergone several body examinations, the doctors have not yet reached a definite conclusion about his disease.

3. This piece of land is a part of his indisputable property.

The Minister was sure that the proposed legislation will stop the exploitation of the emigrants completely.

4. Deployment of missiles in Europe by America was criticised by India in unequivocal terms.

5. Hindu law gives an incontestable right to the daughters over the property of their parents.

Antonyms - Doubtful, indefinite, disputable, uncertain, ambiguous, equivocal, contestable

1. I am doubtful about the prospects of any early settlement of dispute between Iran and Iraq.

2. Mahatma Gandhi went on an indefinite fast to persuade the people of Naokhali to maintain communal harmony.

3. The wisdom of your complacent attitude on this issue is disputable.

4. It is no use undertaking new business projects in the present uncertain circumstances.

5. His speech was quite effective but some of his assessments were rather ambiguous.

Synonyms and Antonyms of CERTAIN

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